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Your Support System

Royal Oak Middle School has been a cornerstone of the community for as long as anybody can remember. With it's rich history of starting with a single room schoolhouse on the corner of West Saanich rd and Royal Oak dr all the way up to the modern school we have today, children in the area grew up learning, playing, making friends and overcoming challenges to develop their bright minds into making the world a better place.

And right behind those teachers and students have been a group of parents providing insight into how to engage with those students, how to create a sense of community around them and ensure the school has the resources necessary for them.

Our PAC is a collection of dedicated parents working hard to ensure that every parent has a voice at the table. Our vision extends beyond the classroom walls. We see a PAC that not just supports academic excellence but also fosters their social, emotional and intellectual growth as well. 

We invite you to join us on this journey so we can continue the tradition passed down through the generations of ensuring their experience becomes the positive memory that it has been for so many before.

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