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The Parent Advisory Council (PAC) at our middle school is more than just a group of parents; it's a visionary cornerstone of our educational community. Committed to fostering a dynamic and enriching environment, our PAC is a vibrant network of parents who believe in the power of active engagement. We envision a school where every student's potential is unlocked and celebrated, where their journey is paved with inspiration and support. Our PAC is the driving force behind this vision, working hand-in-hand with educators, administrators, and the broader school community to shape a brighter future for our children. With a forward-thinking approach, we aim to bridge the gap between home and school, encouraging open communication and collaboration. We dream of a middle school where innovation thrives, where diversity is embraced, and where every student feels a sense of belonging. Our vision extends beyond the classroom walls. We see a PAC that not only supports academic excellence but also fosters holistic development. We aspire to create a nurturing environment where students can explore their passions, discover their strengths, and grow into confident, compassionate individuals. Together, we are building a community that values the voice of every parent, where ideas are welcomed, and where solutions are born from collective wisdom. Our PAC is a beacon of empowerment, advocating for positive change, and striving to make our middle school the best it can be. In the spirit of vision and unity, we invite you to join us on this transformative journey. Together, we will shape the future of our middle school, one inspired step at a time.

Pac Meetings

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Building in your Community

Seasonal Fundraisers

Seasonal fundraisers are run throughout the school year. 

Check the up to date calendar to see when your favourite fundraisers are running or click below, the page is updated regularly.


Nothing at the moment, check back soon!





Year-Round Fundraisers

Peninsula CO-OP Number 58597

Put this number in your phone and don't forget to use it when you pay at the gas station or grocer


Cobbs Bread

Your PAC participates in the COBS bread fundraising program. Mention Royal Oak when you go in and 5% will go back to our school with every purchase


Country Grocer Receipts

Save your receipts as PAC can earn gift cards to Country Grocer. The collection box is just outside the office door on the PAC Board at school


Bottle Returns

Drop off your bottles at any return-it depot and say it's for account: ROYAL OAK MIDDLE SCHOOL PAC

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